Some scriptures in the Bible are senseless – Pastor Otabil

Some scriptures in the Bible are senseless – Pastor OtabilThe leader and founder of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensa Otabil has stated that some scriptures in the Bible are utterly senseless.

Quoting some verses in the bible, the preacher tried to explain what he meant by his statement. He cited Luke 6:29, and asked,

“Why should the Bible say that, if someone slaps you on the left you should turn the right to the person as well? It doesn’t make sense, which of you can do that?”

He continued by making more instances from the scripture to buttress his point:

“why should I give while I’m supposed to save? It is senseless”

“If someone comes to your house and steal your fridge will you tell the thief to come for your television in addition?

“how many of you can do it?” he asked his congregation who remained silent.

“it doesn’t make sense”.

Nonetheless, Mensa Otabil summed everything by saying:

“The nonsense of God is wiser than the sense of men”, he concluded.

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